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Pathology Center Electronic Supply Order Form

Federal regulation requires that we only supply those supplies directly related to the testing performed at the Pathology Center.

Please allow 2 business days on all supply requests.

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Biohazard Bags
6x9 (100/pk)
8x10 (100/pk)
STAT Bags (50/pk)
Absorbent Pads (50/pk)
Blood Collection Tubes
Red Top - No Gel (6mL - 100/pk)
Red SST (50/pk)
Purple (EDTA) (50/pk)
Blue (Na Citrate) (EA)
Pink (Blood Bank) (EA)
Royal Blue (EDTA) (EA)
Royal Blue Serum (EA)
QuantiFERON TB Gold (EA)
Collection & Processing Supplies
21G x 1" Needle (100/Box)
22G x 1" Needle (100/Box)
Aliquot Tubes/Caps (500/box)
Arup Standard Transfer Tubes (EA)
Sims Protex Needle Hubs (50/Bag)
Blue Top Sterile Specimen Cups (EA)
Blue Top Clean Catch Urine Kits (EA)
24 Hour Urine Container (EA)
Fetal Fibronectin Kits (EA)
Urine C&S Preservative Kit (Gray Top) (EA)
Anaerobic Pouch System (EA)
Chloraprep (EA)
Blood Culture Aerobic / Anaerobic Set (EA)
Culture Media & Kits
Culture Eswab (EA)
Universal Transport Media (VTM) (EA)
CT/NG Cobas Media Female (EA)
CT/NG Cobas Media Urine (EA)
GenExpert Swab (EA)
GenExpert Urine (EA)
Enteric Plus Vials (EA)
Total Fix Vials (O&P) (10/pk)
Swube Tube (EA)
Remel A.C.T.1 Media (EA)
Culture Media
Blood Agar (10/pk)
Blood Agar (EA)
MacConkey Agar (10/pk)
MacConkey Agar (EA)
Chocolate Agar (10/pk)
Chocolate Agar (EA)
Thioglycollate (EA)
Thayer Martin Plates (EA)
Loops, 10uL Blue (10/pk)
Loops, 1uL Green (10/pk)
(Containers with Collection Devices)
Cyto Containers with Brooms (25/Box)
Cyto Containers with Brush/Spatulas (25/Box)
Formalin Jars
20/10mL Transport Containers (24/box)
40/20mL Transport Containers (24/box)
120/60mL Transport Containers (EA)
480/240mL Transport Containers (EA)
960mL Transport Containers (EA)
Large White Tissue Containers (No Formalin) (EA)
Medium White Tissue Containers (No Formalin) (EA)
Mailing/Courier Supplies
Slide Mailer 5 Slide, Plastic (25/Bag)
Clinical 001 (EA)
Anatomic Pathology 120 (EA)
Other Supplies